Friday, 20 February 2015

When you buy a house you save a lot of time and money

People from all walks of field working in different and various sectors of the Industry follow some sort of schedule. Most of them follow a 9to5 workplace routine while many others have a flexible schedule. But one thing is common to all of the people and to all the sectors of society is Home. Even for people living in decrepit homes they want a sense of belongingness. They want to be able to connect to their homes. Want to feel relaxed by the time they reach home. 


In order to earn a living we follow a tight schedule, which by the end of day leads to exhaustion. When one suffers from the tiredness the only place that can provide them solace is homes. Men have to undergo a lot of pressures in work life. They have to face ups and downs of life. While facing the upheavals of life that is when the need for peace and solace  which can only be found at home. If there is problems going on with the place of living then the life seems shattered. 

There are times when people go through circumstances when they don’t have homes to live in. Even the most educated person face problems when they don’t have a house under their head. Most of the time they end up sleeping in a friends place or a relatives place. But how long can a friend or a relative provide place in their homes. They need their own privacy as well. The more you dampen their spirits of privacy the more there is a chance of spoiling relationships with those people who matter most to you. These is just one of the many problems faced while living in a rented apartment. Few of the hassles can be elaborately discussed. 

The inconvenience of living in a rented apartment

Living in a rented place has its own set of hassles for an example the inconvenience of paying the rent every month. Going to the landlords place and stuffing his wallet with almost half of all our hard earned money. This is one of the ways of the life though. If we have a business of our own which is great but what if the business did not have expected clients according to expectations or did not receive expected returns at the end of the month? You are working in a private job and there are times when you face riff-raffs with your boss and you can get fired immediately. What about it then? private jobs are never known for its security, you can get sacked just anytime. What happens when situations like these arise? and what about if you don’t have any savings? Then the problems arises when not being able to pay the rent. The hassles then you have to face while dealing with the landlord. If they are those wonderful people then they might allow you to stay in their place but what if they are not those generous kind of people. You face all kind of commotions of dealing with that in generous man who will never show his humility towards the man kind.

rent apartment

The dispute of dealing with landlords have been endless. Sometimes you meet those generous landlords who allow you to stay at home in spite they not receiving the rent on time but there will be a time when they will strike in your face like a bomb and you will have to  deal with that a situation.

No doubt it’s always a hassle paying rent on monthly basis. The tension one goes through when one is not able to clear the rent and not being able to accumulate that much money for paying the bills. Not every day is the same.  There are months when you can go around splurging on yourself. There are times when there is a dire need for a vacation and  the greed for it is such that, “yaar chod na, rent ka dekha jayega jo hoga”. With that kind of attitude it’s even more tougher to deal with renting problems.

Time Inconvenience

Time is a grave concern for people living in the city. Managing the balance between work life and family life is always a crucial factor. The moment one reaches home after a tired day at work the only thought that reaches to the mind is rest. They come home have dinner and go to their bed missing much time that is required for a family and taking time out only during the weekends is just not good enough.


To pay the monthly rent we have to go to the landlords place to give the rent. Living in a city is not an easy factor all the more due to the travel hassles that come with it. Travelling only 4 kilometres can at times take more than half an hour drive, hence consuming much of our time especially during the peak hours of traffic when most of the people are returning to work from home. That is the time when its difficult to move even an inch. Before reaching we need to take out a some time and altogether take a different route just to visit the landlords place and give him the rent
Buying a House saves a lot of money and time

Time when your career begins escalating and have garnered enough money from your hard work, that is the time when one can think of buying a home. There are just so many added advantages of buying a home, never the hassles of going through the tensions of monthly rentals. The financial security it adds alongside the power of self esteem oozes out when there is no one to play with your sense of belonging. Then the feel to never have to change your abode, is the best feeling any man can have.
So paying the money at one go and then the later reserves that keep coming on monthly basis is only for you to count. Never again to face the hassles or inconvenience of not being having a house ever in life. You are now no longer dependent on any other people.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Process That Needs To Be Followed

Struggle Period

The struggle period begins straight after graduation but for most of them the struggle begins straight after school, the struggle to stand up in their own feet which also directly means not depending on anyone for money. Making one capable enough to pay ones bill the major expenses like the rent, food, clothes, commuting expenses amongst others. The zeal that has imbibed the youth to respect their own individuality from where they never have to burrow or ask for money from parents ever again has hit the majority at large. 

Taste of success

After years of hard work finally they would taste their success where they begin addressing all the hassles that they had gone through during their struggle period. The commuting problems faced during the struggle period are now addressed by buying a new car. The struggle of living in those decrepit homes is now addressed by living in lavish apartment. It is very obvious once the income have increased, it is obvious that rate of purchase standard of buying will increase at the same time.


Increased standard of living

Once the income increases, the standard of living increases too. We begin buying better groceries, from the dal chawal that was purchased for 35 per kg now increases up to 90 per kg. There is an increment form the regular chawal to basmati rice. There is an onset of better transport facilities, from travelling via bus we begin shifting the gears through auto and then probably shift our standards from wagoner to Mercedes and we begin doing much better in our career then probably Rolls Royce. When earlier cooking was done by ourselves now we keep maids where we can enjoy the luxury of an easy cooked food. Similar is the case for homes. Earlier we lived in rented apartments where we shared the apartment with many people only to save the cost. Now we can easily buy an entire apartment just to ourselves.

Buying expensive items which is depreciated over time for an example a car. No matter how expensive the car is it never appreciates in value. They get worn out in time. Similar is the case for all the luxurious furniture you have bought for homes or the smartphones that were brought at an expensive cost. But this is not the case with the house. Buying a home is an investment. It never depreciates in value only appreciates. Buy a home now which only doubles the price as years pass by. For the Indian families homes are brought at the thought of future prospects of family. However, bungalows are not always affordable to the majority but buying an apartment is much cheaper as compared to that of buying a bungalow.
Living standard

Why should we consider the reputation of builders before buying a home?

Since buying a home involves a huge investment that is why it is imperative to consider the reputation of the builders. There have been many cases of extortion, Fraud builders who have not yet brought the land from the owner and claim that the building is theirs, most of them are so good at convincing the buyers that with a blind-fold in their eyes they begin making the deal. They fraudulent builders market various cost-effective schemes which are targeted towards consumers, who are looking to buy homes. They easily get fooled and once the builders have received their money they run away from the area.

That was just one of the ways where a fake builder can fool you. There are various other methods of fooling consumers. Most of the times it so happens that the Government policy have been hindered. Government policy states much precaution regarding the natural disasters like fire, earthquakes, flood and a few precautions to be taken under control like the gas pipeline, traffic control amongst others. If these policies are not taken care of and if the buildings have been constructed without keeping the policies in mind then there is a big chance of the building getting demolished sooner or later, which in turn will risk all your money.

It’s imperative for buyers to go through their documents related to buy and sale. Also there are many government portals that one can come across. Whether the land is in the name of the owner or whether the lands were purchased. All of these information’s can be found in the respective Government website.


Why should we consider the reputation of brokers before buying a home?

Brokers are the first person we come in touch with. There have been many cases where fraudulent brokers claim that they are ones involved in buying homes on behalf of the builders. They will charge a few commissions and it will soon get over with.  It’s imperative for buyers to go through a back ground check before taking major decisions.

Why should we consider the veterans and not the amateur’s?

It’s also imperative that while buying homes we should consider the veteran builders over amateur builders and brokers. Veterans have been there in the market over the years and have experienced all kind of nuances related to building homes. They have dealt with all the nuances which also involve a lot of paper work, all these hassles were dealt with and hence, have made them experienced. They now know ways to deal with the issues. While dealing with amateur’s who is great at speaking and has great communication skill but experience which cannot be relied upon.

Dream home of Indian’s

People in India have an emotional attachment with their homes. They would go through thousands of processes before buying a home, considering various factors like, Vastu Shashtra, Investment, Future prospects of family. Buying a home which involves a huge investment and falling into the scam can hit back emotionally with an additional turmoil of going through court cases which involves additional costs of dealing with lawyers. To avoid this it’s always better to take precautions and get through every detail.
Dream house

Buy and Forget – The case with the majority

It’s also imperative that once the home is bought a regular check on builders are done. Their ongoing and upcoming projects, one can never know when a situation arises.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Construction in top gear - 2015

It is very painful when anyone pays the money about something and wait for the same for long time instead of the last date has been over.  It is like person is begging for the thing which he has purchased or has paid some amount for same.  Nobody can bear it.  This situation has been happened with many persons specially who have booked an apartment or property.

Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd. is working in real estate sector since 30 years and delivering their projects without any delays on commuted date and time.  It is the main reason to stay on the top in the race of deliver the projects on commuted period.  The team of MTPL always thinks for the clients not for the higher profit.  MTPL’s team thinks to serve better than the best to the clients and always plan as per the situation and never apply the old technics if the situation changes suddenly.   They have a great team who handles the projects with their sharp mind and the huge experience helps them to work smartly.  MTPL has delivered 2 projects on time and looking after 3 more projects to deliver to the customers.  After getting the support from the clients MTPL bound for plan to work on another project with commercial and residential combination, the Jade Business Park in Mohali is the example of the same.

Construction completed
MTPL’s team has finished the construction work completely of their 2 projects.  Mona Aeroview located at Zirakpur and Mona Paradise, Mohali are completed for possession.  The construction work of both projects has been finished before the date and as the result Mona Paradise got the chance to sell out completely.  Customer satisfaction is the main aim of MTPL’s so we have to do it.  We never compromise with the quality for delivering the project on time which makes us prime choice by the home finders.  We focus to deliver the project on time.   Every person make budget for their convenient and owning a home need much amount of money.  People plan to own a house to reduce their expenses and delays in the possession disappoint them because they need to pay the extra rent to the landlord and have to bear some other kind of expenses.  Builder loses the trust from the client because of delays which MTPL never want.

Construction review for upcoming projects
MTPL is working for their 3 upcoming projects and construction is going well from the foundation stone of the project till today.  The inspection team rounds every day and maintain the progress report for matching with the weekly targets.  All direction for speeding up the constructed instructed by the top level team which includes the director of the company also.  Any kind of delays not accepted by the top level team which is the additional reason for speedy construction.  Extra manpower appoints immediately if any kind of delays found about the construction.  All kind of construction material looked after by our quality checker.  Any kind of material issue regards to the quality rejected at same time specially.

Mona Green, Zirakpur :  Mona Green, Zirakpur is a 5 acre project site construction running by the MTPL.  This project is working to deliver 2BHK, 3BHK and 4 BHK apartment for the home finders.  The semi furnished apartment need more attention than non furnished apartment and material planning also need more attention.  The expenses not matter when we have commuted the date of possession.
See more pictures here:

The 76% of total construction work has been completed by the team.  Many of images taken on daily basis to show at top level officer as a proof of the same.  This system force people to work on regular basis without spending the time in the nonsense talking and playing.  The positivity and regularity of the people helps management to deliver the project on time.

Front Face of Building
Front Face of Building

Plaster work also has been done finally and 80% of external plaster work has been done of all the buildings.  Persons are working on regular basis and working as per the given targets.  They are working like the sleeves as management has appointed the over manpower to help each other at the time of work and don’t let the speed come down.
Front Face of Building from different Angle
Front Face of Building from different Angle

Painting work can't be left behind, it is also done almost 40% of the external area of buildings.  The designing of and painting will give an attractive look to the persons.  It will also make people happy who have booked the home with mona green, zirakpur.  They will get the same look which they have seen in the brochure.  The beauty come with the colors so it is the main work which is running on top.
Kitchen Showing Cabinets
Kitchen Showing Cabinets

Kitchen finishing work is also finished almost.  Most of kitchen work finished completely from inside.  The plaster, painting and furnishing all the required work has been done by the team.  The finishing can look at the image of kitchen and planting is much lovely than ever seen color.  The color combination is amazing as the architecture is good about the color combination.
Kitchen From different angle
Kitchen From different angle

water and electricity has been switched in the building also in some area which is completed properly.  Tiles are giving beautiful texture in kitchen.  Over sealing is adding their beauty.

Some bathroom’s work has been finished 85% of whole project.  Water and electricity supply is not a problem for the householders.  The image is telling the full story of the work status.  Project incharges are running every day for helping and instructing the labour supervisor about the work and keeping the eyes on their work.  The result of daily discussion and regular followups giving the result as the daily hiking of the graph of construction.
Living Room
Living Room


Entry in the Room
Entry in the Room

Living rooms are finished almost 87% and further finishing for doors/windows and walls are in the daily tasks.  MTPL’s team are working beyond the limits and construction work is 5.8% above than the estimated plan of construction.  The surplus time will help to give some extra finishing and review the work for delivery to the clients.
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is ready 50% some time later we all are ready to swim in this swimming pool.  Swimming pool is the only way to refresh ourselves in the summer.  Pool is almost ready as taken images are 20 days old so don’t afraid with this steel rods.
Ground Floor
Ground Floor
Ground floor is also finished 90% for the walking around the buildings.  The people would be so happy after getting the possession before the committed time and will save some extra rent which they have to pay to the landlord.  MTPL always think to serve without compromising the quality of product (Property) and make the healthy relationship with their clients and business coordinators.
Parking Area
Parking Area
Parking Area different view
Parking Area different view

The parking area is needed to be finish also for your prestigious vehicle which is been finished 60% of the total work.
See More Construction Images of Mona Greens Property/Flats

In all average we can say 76% of the construction work has been finished by the MTPL’s and rest work is on going which MTPL will finish very soon before the commuted date.  This can assume as per the current status of the work.  Images are telling the story of the Mona Green, Zirakpur.  This project will be deliver to the clients for giving them happiness and space in mona greens with their family and lovers.