Monday, 28 April 2014

Beyond Expectations: Mona Greens

With breathe taking views of lush greenery through an open space. This three bedroom apartment serves perfectly for a family along with guests for accommodating. Situated in a perfect place where you can work, play, dine in style, shop and many more things you can do.

These flats are absolutely constructed with materials that are of high standards giving the unique feel. Each condo in the building is flawlessly planned and featuring unsurpassed approved amenities and all other additional features. This varied room, foyers and floors makes you easily adapted to the vibrant life along with lovely touch to every room. It makes you feel re-energized, vitalized, relaxed and living in tranquility.

These sample flats are just the starters; you can see the buildings that are under constructions and few are in the verge of completion. Strong basement, rods connecting one to another, pillars on every corner, lifts and usage of other materials makes the building muscularly stronger. Merging the looks of ancient and medieval time’s results in the best of all giving on one single site. 

The facades of every room are admired by the developers, visitors come from all over the city to just have a glance of the building so that they can be the first to invest on it. These modern designs and ideas are the inspirations to blend with the architecture with its frameless cement form seemingly eye warming. 

These stairs and lifts under constructions enable one to access through one floor to the new modern extension that takes to the highest level of the building until top. The basement rises to almost few meters off the floor which is self supporting and sustains many floors ever constructed that are above it. It is built completely of bricks, cements and various units allowing customers to feel secure and pleasured. It conveys the understanding of presenting the building that is developing in front of your eyes giving utmost satisfaction.

The intensification system as well as most of the multiparty and linking is done so flawlessly. Figure of each and every room of 3 BHK followed by the stairs connecting every floors are constructed as per the preference of people for the proper relief. Individual rooms, hallways of every floor are given importance for the new casting and compassionately giving just the right look. 
Living is the delicate balance between exploring and indulging and with Zirakpur, experiencing everything the city offers.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sprawled across few acres with foremost buildings

Unique directory of buildings located in the most beautiful streets of Zirakpur. Excellent new apartment positioned in VIP Road as well as Gazipur Road with terraced house with huge space.

Envision yourself encompassed by extravagance in your shiny new home; Located simply a couple of minutes from the adjacent courtesies and short of what 20 miles from the inside of the capital of Punjab. These properties of MT namely Mona Greens, Mona Greens II and Aero Villas will greatly improve the life than anticipated, shopping simpler and city life more secure in the biggest and most send deduction social orders on the planet. Every city close Zirakpur unites the most current administrations that will rearrange and improve individuals' ordinary lives.

Wonderful tile floors, fast web access, state of the craftsmanship security and the sum of the solaces you need in a world class home are simply holding up. The sum of this could be yours and more when you buy for your own. Characteristics like a 24 Hour security staff, High Speed Internet Access, Intercoms to each one home, electrical administration and Paved boulevards with walkways and controls, are standard; simply to name a couple! These homes are likewise a magnificent decision for retirement, as venture rentable house or second country estates because of their low support costs.

A house is a cover, something that can ensure us from the sweltering sun or a awful storm. Individuals accept that the greater their house is, the wealthier they are and the roomier the house is.

Structures are constructed by an aggregation of optimistic engineers and creative designers. Right away these creative homes are offered as shelter for home buyers. These coolest houses may have begun as investigations, yet today they're ensured to be a fascinating visit as they are under construction. T makes you imagine for a moment of tasting morning espresso in the kitchen investing a little time in another person cushion may give a couple of new plans regarding your own.

These houses are intended for endearing solace and smooth tastefulness. Clean, useful and down to earth designs boost your extent of space for unbounded joy. We ought to celebrate the good life in a home that grasps modernity back to front.

MT has abandoned its solid impacts on others to take after. After the effective finishing of Mona Greens on the VIP Road of Zirakpur and its prompt sold-out with the consequence of un doubtful acknowledgement and affection from individuals, MT immediately entered the second period of creating the second part, Mona Greens II on the Gazipur way.

Our high-tech 2 BHK flats in Zirakpur, 3 BHK Flats in Zirakpur and 4 BHK flats in Zirakpur are composed with an immaculate mix of innovation and advancement where nature is experienced over again, every step of the way. We convey top notch flats at standard with the best in the business keeping up the most energizing benchmarks and offering a complete Peace of Mind & Luxurious Lifestyle in Zirakpur.

Simple living is the best motivation that our Zirakpur properties take after. Your one stop search for a bit of heaven you are paying special mind to. Be it in VIP Road or Gazipur Road, we recognize generally individuals. The single biggest speculations that you will attempt throughout lifetime might most presumably be the Real Estate. It is the biggest as well as the primary fortune maker for a singular or for a gang.

This legitimate and positive methodology towards fancied transaction will upgrade your knowledge of managing purchasing your first home. Mona Townships have abundant motivations to purchase flats/lofts. We have developed as the noticeable land supplier of the Zirakpur area. The appreciation that we have earned so far is the consequence of working with complete transparency in taking care of the associations with our clients. All the administrations are rendered by the amazing specialists prepared inside significant learning.

Interior Designers have given the rooms a wonderful spot for an animated family enveloping a reasonable open arrangement design, Master bunk room with minimal sentimental and excellent tile synthesis and Bathrooms with the spunky look. They have put all their exertions in simply executing their considerations and thoughts in our properties of MT.

It may be your long lasting dream to live in a spot where you can inhale the serenity and influencing the natural air. This spot where you can see various genuine bequests, individual’s call it welcoming as well as comfy. It is Zirakpur, the heart of the state. From the top carpets of your flat you can see the consistent perspective of Zirakpur.

Monday, 7 April 2014

It’s time to envisage it!!

MT an effective real estate builder that has benchmarked the accomplishment of different tasks by raising the desire of individuals towards better expectation for everyday life and making them adjust to extravagance flats. Mona Townships are pleased to have laid the building pieces for a large number of lives and unassumingly they keep on finishing so. They are over-whelmed to have brought about a significant improvement spot to be in.

Aero Villas as the name portrays are free, semi-outfitted home, giving agreeable stay offices of institutionalized high caliber to clients. Separated from giving a clean and competitive spot of stay for vacationers, the manors offer an at no other time chance to encounter bona fide cover getting it done.

Mission is to fulfill each client's need for a finer encounter through quality development and representative happiness. As said prior Mona Townships has an overall oversaw engineering and building group that has nearly collaborated and worked with capable acclaimed engineers and numerous others, to accomplish both tasteful and productive plans. We are a client turned organization and we trust in putting in our best foot send in our excursion to the apex.

Mona Aero View in Swastik Vihar stands exceptional and found in a perfect area on the Patiala way of Zirakpur that offers a selective lifestyle with its G+2, 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen for the happiness of great life.

Engineers in Zirakpur give a sanctuary which is plainly not quite the same as whatever else might be available on offer. It's a city where you can discover novel properties lined up in different territories of the city. We comprehend that you are searching for a home where you can discover most extreme solace. Affectability to plan, energy about existence in the satellite town interprets to an administration that takes you to an alternate world.

We are represented considerable authority in searching out the most uncommon and alluring flats and lofts those troupes you and your plan and obviously the requesting tastes of our customers. Our learning of the business and the methodology towards our customers recently separates us.

Aero Villas is placed in such a spot which is imagined with necessity of adjacent spots to meander around. Everybody can visit the places that are close to your flat whether it is shopping centers, sanctuaries, park or doctor's facilities if on the off chance that you are not keeping great. There are schools for kids which are additionally close to.

Styles that are created for peace of mind and are specialized in the design and have aspired to provide quality and unparalleled customer service that are committed to aesthetic values. Being knowledgeable in various forms and types, we provide a first class service namely:

1. Planned layout and Vaastu ensuring free flow of lights and air at every corner of the house
2. Well designed complex with beautiful landscape
3. 24 hours Water supply
4. 24 hours Electric supply
5. Pollution free environment
6. Wide Internal Roads
7. Hospital Facility
8. Activity Centre
9. Eco friendly Features
10. Equal half terrace rights for 1st and 2nd floor

Women sitting at home are favored enough to travel and encounter new places. You can run across the greater part of this, without actually venturing out of the house and taking in new places we accept everybody will be better set to comprehend different places and helping your neighbors where contrasts don't partition us.

Aero Villas is putting forth individuals with various profits that one can't accept. There are adjacent offices that you can discover around this property.  It gives different offices and social merriments.