Monday, 26 May 2014

Flats on offer or luxury on offer??

 Life is a steady buzzing. As you dash starting with one town then onto the next town, our worldwide system of completely prepared or semi-prepared adjusted condo are accessible over the world. Shopping centers all around bears you the flexibility to explore the world for professional, meeting, capacities, joy or spontaneous gatherings.

You will regular see this business that is outfitted with various number of diversion portions and is found specifically on the sideways of Ambala-Chandigarh Highway. It panders to all the individuals as it could be least expensive for the individuals who have their reach in plan and for the individuals who can use past the financial backing. The outline of the shopping center is likewise introduced with a disentangled subject suiting the prospect of youths regularly stuffed with an individuals of locals and in addition overall population. In short its an extraordinary goal to hang out.

It gives you constant enthralling views and new unleashing moments you will be finding in the Zirakpur and its nearby malls. Occasionally you will be finding a lot more in the malls of Zirakpur. There is a lot more to go in the coming days and there will be all new stuffs around.

The shopping center furnishes you with Cinema Halls, Parking Area and restaurants and obviously CCD's and Food Court where you can encounter the taste them with all your family and your affection ones. Guests have the choice to pick neighborhood forte in the sustenance courts to one of a kind and topical bistros with an extensive variety of worldwide and national foods. One day may not be sufficient for you to walk relaxed the whole place. Shopping center will offer you with an excellent reach of heading universal and also nearby brands that conveys an exceptional mid level design brands and shop to their hearts want.

Key Of Your Dream Home

From Mona Greens, it hardly takes 15 minutes to reach the mall which is just approximately 10 kilometers.  As soon as you enter VIP Road head north and then to the left you can see the Ambala Chandigarh Expy and Ambala-Shimla-Kaurik Road which will give you the straight route to the Mall. With Mona Greens II , it takes only 18 minutes to reach the Mall.

 Centra Mall brings together the world’s best-loved brands in flagship, concept and lifestyle stores. Spread over three levels of shopping space, you can indulge in over approximately 300 retail, F&B and lifestyle stores, which include the six duplex flagships—Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to a coveted stable of brands, an extensive food hall offers visitors myriad food choices ranging from local favorites to international cuisines. 

Mango is a traditional fruit as well as national fruit that is loved by all the people in the world and is typically known for its sweetness, pulpiness, and sourness.
It is also found in the mall which costs less. You can also see the unripe mangoes in the tree that makes everyone mouth watering. You can also find mango trees in full bloom in many states of India during this period.

It is just an opportunity for you to enjoy the other side of the busy city and experiencing the richness of Zirakpur. The mall will be full of people and fun to walk through, catering the needs of modern families and offering a little something for everyone.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Weave Your Moments with Luxurious Surrounding and Shop through Various Malls

Malls all over the city have paved their own ways to your shopping lists. More than being the answer to your shopping retail therapy, malls have also created other attractions that will lure you to spend more money and give yourself a guilty trip to fun, luxury, and enjoyment.

You surely have your own favorite mall where you head to, for your shopping or for your free time. There is always that one mall that will make you rave about their next sale and send you to guilt-less shopping spree, malls that always make you wish you earned more money. If you want to see and discover more what is waiting for you out there. Hold on tight to your wallets and cards and think more than twice before your splurge.

It is the shopping destination of the city’s socialites. It is popular for its luxury retail shops and home stores. You can literally shop till you drop with the Mall of Zirakpur whopping approximately 500 stores, indoor amusement park, 50 restaurants and limitless entertainment options.  You can choose from its upscale shops such as Gaming zone, Bowling alley cricket, Snooker, Indoor golfing, Food court, Shaolin restaurant and many more.

Large shopping malls across the Zirakpur and near the city are often tourist destinations in their own rights. Despite their names, shopping malls aren’t only places to indulge in some retail therapy. Many shopping centers have expanded in recent decades like Life style stores, Fun Cinemas to include entertainment venues and award-winning restaurants in an attempt to attract tourists as well as society people.

Metro Wholesale Store:
The wholesale realm is on the main Ambala and Chandigarh Highway. It lies on the left immediately before the main flyover starts from Ambala highway. You get various items at a great wholesale price at Metro Wholesale.

Paras Downtown Square Mall:
It is the biggest Mall of the region. It is a complete synchronization of design, luxury and quality. It is located at Zirakpur near Chandigarh on the Y Fork of Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla.

Best Price Modern Wholesale Store:
It is one non-stop shop that offers best prices with unmatched convenience, choice, quality and hygiene. The stores meets day-to-day needs of business members namely restaurant owners, hoteliers, caterers, fruit and vegetable resellers, kiranas, other retail stores, offices and institutions. It is located in Chandigarh Ambala Highway.

Easy Day:
A retail brand that runs chains of consumer retail department stores which is fully possessed by Bharti Enterprise Limited and is managed by Bharti Retail Limited. One of the branches of this can be spotted on the VIP Road of Zirakpur.

In the coming times, it is expected to develop more and more shopping malls to its occupants in near future. It is the ultimate destination where hospitality is more than just a smile that greets you, where sophistication blends with cool urbanity, where business meets leisure with unbound delight and where you can let your hair down and just be yourself with all new shopping entertainment!

Monday, 12 May 2014

It's the perfect time to look around

Whenever the word Zirakpur pops into my mind, the first word that pampers the mind is vegetation and its serenity and its open land. Shopping, residing, buying, selling, renting are few principal sources as well as tourism in Zirakpur. It is immaculately clean without any blemish and well organized with lots of great shopping destination with regular sales and discounts sporadically.

Your Dream Home

The city has its own peculiar areas each having its own idiosyncrasy and magnetisms. VIP Road, Gazipur Road or Patiala Road- each is well known for their shopping, for its dining out possibilities for its distinctiveness and at last for its leisure and fun opportunities.

Other than shopping entertainment, people in the city are benefited with gigantic choices of dining out, wide-ranging leisure time, pleasure amenities, great public transport and good security.

VIP Road with its multi-hued shops and handful of attractiveness makes for a pleasurable stroll making it as a center of activities. It offers a lot more than just the refurbished shops and ethnic places of worship. It’s a heaven for hawker food lovers like you can see in the images- Dosa plaza, Heat 7, Gurpal bakers and many more.

There is not that much necessary to enquire about the meals of the day because just one glance at the menu can make your mouth watering and make you crawl for all the dishes they serve and you will also have the opportunity to try new dishes every time you go with your beloved or friends. They serve a trio of all day. With so many bakery shops, restaurants, dhabas all around, hawkers all around, menus in them can give your tooth a sweet taste, sour taste, bitter taste keeping it simple. The owners and staff are so friendly and cooperative and are willing to help, you will never feel rushed and they are happy to be flexible with the menu. You can find kid’s corner to keep them entertained.

There is also a good mix of hotels here, chemist shops nearby your flats from shop house hotels to party lawns to banquets or a florist sitting around which brings you to the doorstep of the street. It is a haven from the busy lanes and cramped shop houses where you can find everything from independent banquets and quirky cafe.

A florist sitting in front of the main road along side of other shops, offering some of the best flowers with flattering aroma and appreciation classes to those who want an aroma of days gone by. Taking the vagueness out of innovations that can make your life charming and exploring the greenery that is in the city for breathing of fresh air. It is easy to spend an hour or so here.

Zirakpur throbbing nightlife scene is strenuous around the scenic landscape which is generally more stress-free and tranquil. Make your way down to the mouth of the land of big grasses and be delighted in the splendid architecture and entertainment segments. Various entertaining elements bring a great range of fun filled spices as well as an intriguing collection to the city. Shops on various areas comprises of everything that is required bringing a fantastic array of shops to the area as well as great shopping and dining experiences. The colors, smiles and smells blends together to form Zirakpur making it just simple.

Monday, 5 May 2014

It’s Time to Buy Luxury than to Buy a Home

Just a short breath of air away from the prominent malls, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK is just the finest in service living where opulent and semi furnished meets at one space. All rooms include separate space for all the requirements that you need to arrange.  You can take the advantage of frivolous opportunities that will be offered to you. This apartment also features other basic amenities, access too many other destinations and shopping malls throughout the city and of course the nightlife option. 

Your Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen residents is located just a short drive from various districts. You can also stroll at your leisure to the many restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues located along famous roads and throughout the area.
Other than 2,3,4 room flats, MT has at last shook hands in view of an energizing duplex condo keeping the first run through home purchasers everywhere. This deliverance of Duplex condo helps you to get the majority of your building plan. With a broad choice of floor arrangements, you are certain to try for duplex that suits your need and plan. It is really a benefit for all of you increasing homes inside one house with a stairs in the center giving a look of at least chateau with a delight in a lot of living space. There are numerous different alternatives that you can discover in here other than agreeable. 

It is genuinely an inconceivable open door to claim a 4bhk condo competitive recently developed townhouse in attractive area. It comprises of the whole space with a private loggia. Offering roomy rooms going from Master Bedroom to Guest Rooms alongside up to date completes from carpet to roof in this carpet plan. Spotted flawlessly in the greenery territory of Zirakpur gifting advantageous access to mixtures of shops, restaurants and dinners and numerous others. Minutes far from Park and significant turnpike that heads to north of Zirakpur to South in simply consuming of one fruit. This condo has heaps of common lights and cool wind of outside air. You can likewise delight in the sights and resonances of the green grasses making average sound from your extensive overhang. 

The space, the courtesies, the areas and the generally composed gathering are all key qualities for the achievement. It is really a fabulous and roomy space for parts of 6 or 8 or considerably more. Rooms are as agreeable as one can envision. Family room and lounge area are enormous enough for all the parts and I myself love the novel characteristics of this flat with joined washrooms in every room and private galleries to each room that are genuinely beguiling.