Friday, 31 January 2014

Upcoming Projects of Mona Townships

Mona Townships after the successful projects that is Mona Greens, they decided to step little forward to Mona Greens construction and they built Mona Greens II. People in Zirakpur and nearby cities loved the flats so much that made them to buy each and every flat that is completely done. Still many flats are previously booked so that they do not miss the opportunity.

Mona townships planned to make some progress towards their projects and keeping in mind the love for people they have got from Zirakpur and nearby places.

The rate of people arrivals has been rising exponentially year on year in Zirakpur just for buying homes for their convenience. Building on the concept of super luxury, our team is set to introduce top-of-the-line, worldwide hospitality experience in all its properties. Benchmarks  in design and construction across diverse properties including the luxury, business and leisure segments of the hospitality industry is set to open innumerable options for the people in the city as well as the from the nearby places. The love for Mona Townships from people is the first step in realizing the dream.

Set against the backdrop of the bustling suburb of Zirakpur, Mona Townships promises to be an oasis amidst the gently rising hills on the horizon and lush green environment. The upcoming project will be well located near the station and basic requirements just like the previous projects. Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Shopping areas are in close vicinity. So majestic and awe inspiring, that you would scarcely think of it as a place for living. The residential building we are planning to develop in Zirakpur would be counted among one of the best buildings in the city.
  1. You’d feel inspired, joyous and alive with the beauty you’d see all around and so would the thousands of people who would come for residing from all corners of the world just to spend this wondrous space of urban habitat, and the symbol of luxury living in India.
  2. It’s not by accident that malls and retail spaces which are designed by builders become the most distinctive buildings in the area that too just near our apartments. Currently under development, our gift to millions of people would provide world class services to millions of people from across the world.
  3. Built in the most prime locations Zirakpur these residential places would complement the refined tastes of our high profile tenants and their patrons.
  4. Surrounded by the elite commercial and industrial belt of Zirakpur, yet cocooned with greenery, our high rise residential projects will prove to be a perfect solution rapid urbanization and congestion in the city and nearby cities, Delhi/NCR and Punjab.
  5. With an architectural decades ahead of its times, our high rises would boast of resplendent aesthetics, a visible commitment to quality and a luxury hallmark that would play host to your dream of a perfect home.
  6. Awe-inspiring edifice dedicated to all people from middle class to high class family, our flats would become one of principle landmarks of the rich, the powerful and the influential in Zirakpur and all through India.
  7. The regional base of world renowned
  • IT Giants, the
  • IT Parks,
  • Nearby Shopping centers,
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Banks  
In addition to giving you the supreme location advantage, would earn you the rare recall power and goodwill of your customers.
  1. The township which is already a popular and well adopted form of housing in VIP Road and Gazipur Road is now becoming the new look of residential real estate in most of metropolitan cities of India.
  2. The self-contained residential units will be facilitated by all the amenities that our luxury loving residents can desire.
  3. From community centers, health clubs, shopping center, recreational areas to essentials like schools, designated commercial/office areas, schools and banking facilities all surrounded by acres of landscaped greenery - the township is being designed for a rich sophisticated lifestyle that would become the most definitive landmark in the region.
  4. Upcoming projects will become a landmark in the area. Complete with all modern facilities and requirements of urban living, the high-rise apartments will house a Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Banquet Hall, Children's play area and Residents' Club.
  5. It will be created for people seeking discernment in their lifestyle, is defined by its exceptional landscaping, architectural design, world-class amenities and affordable luxury. When completed, it will have a Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Banquet Hall, Children's play area, Jogging track, a Club and many other amenities.
The Mona Townships comprises young, energetic, experienced and professionally qualified people. On the strength of our aspirations, ambitions and perseverance, has made the Mona Townships team one of the most sought after real estate companies in Northern India.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Few Yard - Ends Your Property Search Here : Do you love me?

Few Yard - Ends Your Property Search Here : Do you love me?: So often we search for the perfect gift for those that we love. And at times, our husband can be the hardest to shop for. What if I told y...

Monday, 27 January 2014

Enter into a timeless Journey with Mona Townships

Why am I talking about home? This existence is your home. And it is present upon you to make this home as comfortable, peaceful, and beautiful as possible as in this home, the truest nurturing takes place. Sometimes, good things happen, and bad things happen. You have to make sure that good things happen there, nurture them, and bring forward the true joy that this home Mona Greens II can offer.

This home you have there will be nothing like it again. I know it is pleasured to believe that you will be happy to be in the most magnificent stage of life. The curtains will not allow you to go, you will be asked to leave for office, but the relaxation, amusement that this will give you utmost pleasure and satisfaction. And you will give reasons for taking off there will be another and another and another.

I am lucky enough to be in Mona Greens, home is where you will take your tension free breath. This is where, hopefully, you have cultivated a happy environment where you thrive, where you’re not snowed under with problems. It is truly a place of comfort—not only physical comfort but mental comfort and the comfort of knowing that you are at home.

In this life, there’s so much to understand, so much to learn. There are so many things that we measure ourselves by whether it’s age, accomplishments, things that are done or things undone. But that’s not the purpose of this life. It’s all about where you live and what you do. As everything you choose in your life matters a lot.
I have seen happiness, comfort and joy in Mona Greens II, with a designed tiles and a little wooden door that people who live makes them comfortable.

Mona Greens II is not less than 5 star, it provides you with a plethora of Interior services that is done in the flat and each one of the corner of flat is designed keeping your needs in mind. They have designed for every corner of your house, to the showroom, and for your work-space too. They have applied our latest to latest collection and top most collections in Mona Greens II.

They offer the classic, latest, creative and innovative self moderated interior services, creating new ideas that call the piece of design. Home where we live, where we care for our family, where we welcome our friends and relatives and where we spend a lot of time and for ourselves should look the best as is. We want our home to look gorgeous and feel just awesome. They have used luminous ideas and lifestyle needs in 3BHK and Duplex to make your dream come true also modern and comfortable environment.
As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and wants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design. They have given each and every corner of the room a new style. It is often a very involved process that takes months to fine tune and creates a space with the vision of the client.

Facilities are strategically important for the company to continue its growth in the real estate sector. These facilities will make customer experience Luxury of a Lifetime. This flat is housed within 4 delightfully l4 storey blocks are 283 beautiful units. The Mona Greens II lying peacefully on the royal location at VIP road, Zirakpur bordered by the endless green stretches.

Each block is perfectly angled to for unblocked enjoyment of glorious sunrise and sunset over the horizon. Proprietors will love the lavish, stylish apartments designed for heart-warming comfort and effortless elegance. Clean, practical and real-world layouts will maximize your scope of space for unrestrained desire. Live it up in a home that embraces complexity inside-out. The world is truly at home, at Mona Greens II, an address that everyone recognizes.
I want your home to be the best for you and that you really feel at home there. You are here because the blessing of breathe comes in and out of you. How splendid is that? That is the core and then to be able to feel, to be able to go inside. And let this home Mona Townships be beautiful.

Be still and you will understand because with all the movement in this world, there is a magnificent stillness inside of you. The peace that I talk about is the peace that resides in you, that resides in your heart. The reality of your existence is not what you think it is.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Easy Day in Punjab that makes your life easy

Seeing my friend’s room I realized that even though she has tons of hobbies and really had a home close by all necessities. But she was not happy with everyday ups and downs far from her house as she had to go so far for buying her basic needs. I can’t see her suffering from this problem, I decided to ask her to shift her home from there to Zirakpur where I am staying which is surrounded by basic amenities that is needed in everyday life.  You can say colorful houses surrounding the beautiful shopping store which not only gives satisfaction to the customers, also for the people staying nearby.

She was earning so much that she accepted that she will reallocate the house as possible as she can. As she was fed up of the distance she had to cover from shops to the house. She bought a flat in Mona Greens where my house was actually is. Luckily, my neighbor flat was vacant, so I booked that flat for my friend. I m happy so do she was. She was more happy because of the fact that her home was near shopping store. Now let me say something about this shopping hub.

Easy day stores are one-stop shops that cater to every family’s day-to-day needs. They bring together a wide range of relevant goods, high quality products and great in-store experience and service, all under one roof. These neighborhood format stores offer more than 3,000 products at the lowest prices. The wide assortment of goods include personal care products, stationery, household articles, hosiery items, as well as daily-need groceries including staples, processed foods, bakery and dairy products, meat and poultry and fresh produce. 

My friend added “It’s nice to come here and shop in Easy Day, one saves a whole lot of money on daily needs even in these days of inflation where prices have reached the roof. I like shopping in Easy Day because it provides lowest prices everyday across categories like food grocery vegetables, apparel and general merchandise. Also, it provides me great customer satisfaction and hassle free billing”. 
Easy Day offers many nice shops, and caters to the more general type of shopper. There are many luxurious shops, but also enough regular shops. This store has a great food court but also many restaurants. Definitely it’s a place to be visited by tourists. Locals always call it a tourist store, but still many tens of thousands come to this store every weekend to relax and hang out. Tourists may find many shops offer different products that at other stores.

Easy day is very much worth a visit; even my friend started liking it. It is a huge shopping complex with numerous stores. A distinctive Easy Day store sells groceries like beverages, spices, sauces, vegetables, fruits, condiments, chips, cookies, dairy and baked products, canned goods, soups, grains, snacks, candy, beauty products like toiletries, fragrances, makeup, shaving and skin care items, health care items, apparel, hosiery, shoes & accessories, books & stationary, toys, gifts, kitchen ware, home improvements products including tools, lighting & electronic accessories and items related to religion. Easy Day close to the Mona Greens Appartments a uniquely designed store which makes life more easy, Mona Greens Apartments combines contemporary lifestyle and peacefulness, with the edge of a delightful concept. You can experience the uniqueness and the planned infrastructure and world class amenities- all catering to the contemporary lifestyle that one can aspire for just like I m having. At Mona Greens, you can wish to have modern-day lifestyle coupled with a blissful life in tune with nature and serenity & entertainments nearby apartments.
Easy Day in Punjab usually follows the same format just like other stores; every store contains numerous items to sell in. It contains a single floor but sprawled across few square feet that have the most popular accessories and daily to daily requirements. They often contain IT shops like gadgets/computers and specialty stores. For people, articles are quite affordable and are literally available in reasonable price.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Redefine your life with classy resort next to your flat

Have you ever had a thought of having a flat near a resort? I had it and I got as well, with full luxury. I am talking about the Mona Townships where my flat actually is. It is near to the famous resort DAK Bungalows which is known for its exceptional meals, modified services and stunning water front location.

Every day I come from office, my daily hectic schedule has made me more tired and boring life when I was in my old house which I have planned to leave now. I decided to shift to a new place as my daughter’s time has come to get married. So planned to reallocate as soon as I can do. Me and my husband were looking for a flat where we can stay that is near to a resort. So, in Zirakpur I found a flat in Mona Greens where I decided to shift. The best part was that it is near to resort which I really wanted.

DAK Bungalow is only beside Mona Greens and Mona Greens II which is best for individuals who stays in Mona Greens and Mona Greens II as they have got the best pleasantries close-by. To give an agreeable stay, there are copious spots to stay in Zirakpur. There is no challenge in regards to settlement, additionally it is effectively accessible. The best thing about this resort is that it is close-by Mona Townships. This includes all the extravagances and offices like Swimming pool, cocktail bar, marriage corridor, disc and a lot of people more.  This hotel serves lip smacking dishes from Indian and mainland cooking.

The little touches around the bungalow can make a really big difference when you only have a small space to work with. Plants can look great in an apartment and add a touch of nature and a hint of freshness – just make sure you water them enough and keep them alive.

Accessories such as a coat stand, some cushions, or maybe even just some tea lights around the room can add a little splash of class and elegance, making your home feels smart yet homely.

DAK Bungalows by Whispering Willows, Willows essentially are the tree with long adaptable extensions that has thin leaves and catkins which hold little blossoms without petals. These long adaptable trees are encompassing the cottage which gives the extraordinary look to the resort with mark insides. Individuals hail from over the globe simply to make there day more excellent and even to simply to go through their day with delightful landscape. The mystery to tasteful environment is firstly the encompassing Willows and the cleanliness of the spot. They are fruitful in light of the generally upheld rooms and embellishing the spots with more extra necessities with new sections they can present. 

Cabin is sprawled over 2 to 3 sections of land of area in Zirakpur with all inner parts. In the doorway are the three rooms where security gatekeeper is there, he persistently keeps an eye on individuals who are going back to front. There is 24*7 securities in Bungalow. Right away as we go into the room as it is regular in all spots gathering range, who invites with you cherish and deals with the things which all you need. Right away undertaking further is the little love seat where individuals come regularly to see the full perspective of the beautiful spot. Really its little bar with five to six tables masterminded family or couples or may be companions.

Straight to the passageway of the bar is the lap of the nature where swimming pool is in the core of the cabin which improves the place an increasing amount. These little touches to the resort are all the more satisfying and great to take a gander at. Little pool is encompassed by the enormous focal eating territory where individuals can come and invest time with their adored.

Right to the right of it is discotheque in this non residential restaurant property which is an amusement for youngsters and particularly for the individuals who are wanting to get united that night that is marriage. In general this spot is one in a paradise where all offices and luxuries are guaranteed with superb and high class benchmarks with complete significant serenity and extravagance.

In spite of every last one of offices there is one more accommodation which they will anticipate destroy it future, that is spaces for facilities. Close to all these is a top storied building where holder of the resort are dwelling. Possessors are dealing with the spot and well looking after it and maintaining with fitting consideration. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Designing of a Mona Greens!!

Under this project of Mona Townships, Mona Greens is endowed with green cover sprawling across acres. Exquisitely designed with well-planned spaces of lush greenery, state-of-the-art designs and the most contemporary and innovative lifestyle facilities, this Mona Townships property promises a life some have always dreamt off. It is strategically located in the centre of the city Zirakpur which is also called as the heart of the city, yet remote from its hustle bustle. Truly, what makes it an iconic landmark for living.

The power of inspiring spaces is undeniable. Each day will look more promising and enchanting than the next. An exclusive ensemble of elegant residential spaces designed to delight its residents. The innovation, creativity and architecture come together to amaze everyone.

Mona Greens has carefully planned the layout of 2 BHK flats in Zirakpur before one move to a new house or reorganize their room. With floor plans one recreates their homes, garden or office or study room. Mona Greens has given a clear view on the various floor plans that includes 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK. Nothing beats Mona Greens in giving a clear view on the property.

With our intuitive editor, one can have the best of all designing. We have played around with the interior of 2BHK and have given one of the worlds best of all kinds of furniture and items. These flats/ service apartments consist of a Living Room, Dining Space, 2 Bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. It is perfect for corporate looking for service apartments for hire for senior level executives, families or small groups looking for a place for extended stay in Zirakpur.

Historically inspired style meets open and comfortable interiors, making these homes as functional as they are beautiful. Whether you're looking for a luxury masterpiece or a cozy country cottage, Mona Greens has the best of all and builder-friendly designs to choose from. Each apartment is open from three sides that is balcony, giving unrestricted view of the complex as well as the surroundings.

Interior Designing of 2 BHK Flat

The design team of Mona Greens 2 BHK Flats is a qualified and well known designer who has planned and created interior & exterior working or living environments that are comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. We design interior spaces for rooms, kitchens, lobby, washrooms & Balconies. We met few customers to discuss their requirements after all we make a proposal on the basis of clients need and space. After our client got satisfied with our proposal then we performed several steps like Design developments, Project management of the total work.

We provide our esteemed clients with visually persuasive, high performance and environmentally tenable interiors solutions to help their enterprise grow, sustain their culture, inspire their staff, incorporate technology and drive productivity.

We as an interior designer team are a strong believer in the adage that the boldest of ideas grow from the simplest thoughts. From the petals of a marigold to the wings of a butterfly, nature provides us an abundance of examples of how simplicity can be complex and elegant.
As everything gets poetic and magical during monsoon and other season home interiors often have the potential to retain odor. The preparation for the rainy season must begin early so that you can minimize the odors and your rooms retain the best smell.
While it is good to invest in cleaners for your floors it is so very important to add the right perfume or scent so that it does not get offensive. This ensures safety as well as hygienic for your home. As they are especially keeping tabs on the private outline that is residential design instead of in the commercial design of Mona Greens II. Private configuration is the outline of the inside of private homes.

As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and wants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design. They have given each and every corner of the room a new style. It is often a very involved process that takes months to fine tune and creates a space with the vision of the client.
They have given the rooms a delightful place for a dynamic family including a handy open plan layout, Master cot live with minimal sentimental and lovely tile blending and Bathrooms with the spunky look. They have put all their deliberations in simply executing their considerations and plans in our Mona Greens II Apartment.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

4 BHK or 4 Walls

Mona Townships brings to you an ultra modern residential project Mona Greens. The project is located at Zirakpur, Punjab. It offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK Row Flats and Apartments. Apartment area is in total 2291.77 Sq. All the residential units are clubbed with all modern amenities. The project offers quality living amidst calm serene environment.

It is located at an excellent locality of Zirakpur which is much far from the hasty tones and fuzziness of the city. With bizarre hi-tech specifications of quality construction and architectural designs, you can be sure of loving the place where you would see your bright future. It offers you all sorts of luxuries. Taking a first step towards this project for investment, you can gain higher profits in future as it is located at a great developing neighborhood close to the civic amenities of the metropolis. It is one of the best residential properties in Punjab for investment as the property site is close to all the public utilities. This property in Zirakpur offers good quality construction and amenities.

4 BHK is the ultimate home for you and your family and your companions with up to minimum four persons. You will cherish the extravagant, beautiful lofts intended for inspiring solace and easy style. It has all diversion you require from adjacent shopping centers, schools, silver screens, enclosures, touring and restaurants to swimming pools.

The flat is modern and refined is located in an historical palace. This sublime fusion between modern, quality service and efficiency leaves one with an antique aroma. Flat at Mona Greens give both guests and family alike the possibility to experience the atmosphere of an authentic 5-Star apartment. It will give you a unique and unrepeatable experience in an extraordinary setting in the heart of Zirakpur. The location of 3BHK Flat is simply superlative. No measure of talking from the executor is set to help offer your house if the spot is a tip.

Mona Greens made in such a beautiful way with unique layout as per your likings. So, 4BHK flats of Mona Greens are 2291.77 Sq.Ft. It is equipped with
  • 3 bedrooms with attached toilets
  • Drawing Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen, and
  • Balcony
The best description one can give for 4 BHK flats of Mona Greens, it is cozy, comfortable and it’s kind of high quality buildings.  Another best description one can give is that it is made with lots of love and with tons of amenities that can be given to our customers and nearby facilities. So it is not only good to prefer these flats for yourself but also for your family whether it is nuclear or joint family.

Even provided that you are the cleanest, tidiest individual around the local area, the actuality is that you are presumably set to need to do no less than a couple of things to spruce up your home.
Make your home truly sparkle - particularly on the day the picture taker turns up. Get the rugs, couch spreads, broiler and windows cleaned and give careful consideration to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be welcoming and hygienic.

Start with new collapsed towels and a couple of deliberately put plants. Even if orchestrated conveniently it will make your home show up littler and messier than, as well as can divert your prospective purchasers, so they won't perceive all the positive qualities your property needs to offer.
The best activity of all is to clean jumble up. To make some space, move unnecessary furniture into the upper room, cellar or carport. Better still; get it off the property through and through. Remember that home buyers will open everything. If your cabinets look stuck full and purchasers are hit by falling shoes when they open the entryways, their enduring impression will be one of an absence of space. Self-space warehouses are a significant device for the house mover. They're reasonable and advantageous.

A new layer of impartial paint or new tiling can do marvels to improve a tired looking property, as will investing matching chrome fittings, a naturally painted entryway, pressed cot cloth in the room and lighting up the lounge with inconspicuous lighting.

Whilst we comprehend that offering your home is an unpleasant time, it is paramount to uproot feeling from the comparison by securing any particular and typical things, for example family photograph's and trinkets. This permits potential purchasers the chance to see the property as their potential home, not yours. It additionally helps them focus on the angles that they ought to be taking a gander at; your alluring home - not being diverted by your astonishing stuff.

Do to the extent that you can to guarantee that the outside of your property looks clean and clean. Take receptacles away, clean up collective ranges and in the event that you have an enclosure, your grass ought to be naturally cut and cleared of detached leaves and grass cuttings.

Remember that your front entryway might begin to color a potential purchaser's introductory impression before it is even opened.