Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Keep Away From Intoxication .

Intoxication, after hearing these words that a man becomes a different place in his heart. This is one of the greatest evil of our society, which is ruining our country. It has so many reasons. The major is a lack of trust in. All people want to be successful very quickly. More and more people have to work for it. And then gradually get annoyed, sleep flies away again and people seem to be addicted. And that opiate addiction, which once seemed to be, then that person come out soon know. That drug addiction is growing in Punjab this time. Youth and drug addiction in people at this time is very fast.Intoxicated to drive people to your fatigue is making his support. In a few years older drugs in Punjab is the case, it shows that these people in Punjab are drug that is addictive.

Life End If You Choose This 
Intoxicated to drive people to your fatigue is making his support. In a few years older drugs in Punjab is the case, it shows that these people in Punjab are drug that is addictive.
And the Punjab Police has been estimated to be comprised of several popular people.  And the earlier this years, following leads from NRI . And the police seized over 355 kg of last year.

If you live with your family, then it becomes very important that you take care of your family all the logos. If you're a drug addict, failed to show a good doctor. 

How to Know The Human Who Take Intoxication : We just give an idea to guess the human have drunk or not. It is not a guaranty.  

  •  Euphoria 
  • Excitement 
  • Confusion 
  • Stupor 
  • Coma 
  • Death 
We just the request to all of people that keep away from the all type of intoxication . It is too dangerous for not only you , your family and your society also. 

If you have any idea for how to away from intoxication please tell us.  

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Life Of Zirakpur ( Punjab)

Want to celebrate our Christmas days in Zirakpur area , it is the small but very great place in Chandigarh city in Punjab State. And we all know this thinks is that Punjabi are enjoy the life and In our trip we agree this sentence.  It is very beautiful area , and Where there was greenery all around. And you just amazing that the top story building among them. What a beautiful view that time?  I can express that, but that time we all feel like we will in New York with green city.  You feel too happy when you come here.
Night Life In Zirakpur 
I think it is enough about Zirakpur and we tell you what we feel in Zirakpur with our whole story from start to end.  We take a train form new Delhi railway station near about 2.30 p.m. and I think the train name is this Uhl Janshatabdi (12057).And near about 4 hours after at evening time  we all in Chandigarh railways station . And  my friend  Nand Lal is come to receives us. We sit in a car and go to his home . His home in vip Rd . So we all  goes to his home and what a view from his home . All around see the beautiful building and lot of projects going on.  I am very surprised that lot of project going on here. I think after some years the all area became like a new York city.

At night we all going to see the night life of Zirakpur area. At near the home  a great shopping mall . We goes there and buy lot of cloths and other item. We all comes to home at near around 10 p.m. we all are too tired so we just take dinner and take bed .

At early morning my friend come and told me “Good morning”. We reply with same to you. And we all go to see the real Zirakpur with early morning.  At morning the weather like fog and too clod. We all wear warm coat. We wounding all around Zirakpur. 
There we stay in front of our a tea steal in front of your home. And i am very surprise that time the early morning the tea man , made his tea and lot of people take tea there. You all know that in a cool weather how great when you take a hot tea. 

After some time we all decide that we all go and see the Zirakpur by car or you can says that we all see the Zirakpur by road. But after some  we realized that we are wrong. Because it morning time we have face some traffic and at the near about 11 .00 a.m. we have face a lot of problems of traffic. 
We think that the traffic problem only in Delhi but i realized that the it is common problems of all over India . 
Police Van In Traffic In Zirakpur 

We all see the Zirakpur Area by car and enjoy the full days . In this picture you all see the traffic police also in traffic. And that time a know the traffic for every one. We see the lot of place of Zirakpur. And i realized that it is the place become a great place of Punjab.

We all shocked that we know the price of the Zirakpur area. In just some time the properties rate of Zirakpur area fly like a rocket.  You see the prosperity rate given below : `

So i know you also very surprised like me. We want to buy a 2 BHK flats in here. And enjoy the great life style of Zirakpur. We went from Zirakpur with this dreams. And i know after some time we buy a home in here.

This is my story of Zirakpur in Punjab.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

MY First Experiences Of Zirakpur

I live in New Delhi and in this winter me and my friends make a great tour of near about Delhi . After all thinks we all will decide to go Zirakpur . it is small place in Chandigarh city  in Punjab.  We went Delhi to  Chandigrah by train.

Zirakpur is a little town imparting its outskirts towards the south of Chandigarh that makes a section to paradise from Delhi and Ncr. Numerous little towns are combined to structure an enormous town, Zirakpur. In 2001 the city recorded a populace of just twenty five thousand. The populace began expanding in the year 2004 hostelling from the town Baltana, which was around the first towns to offer arranged provinces.

Zirakpur is a broadened town that is melded to structure a suitable place close Chandigarh. It is recognized to be the heart of city that is in the foothills of Himalayas as well as a home for millions may be private or business. It is the best arranged town with structural planning in an incredibly famous and personal satisfaction which is unparalleled.  It is a prestigious city. The substance of present Zirakpur and current Zirakpur is the sign of a dream that individuals visualized. Tranquility and a town are two oppositely inverse ideas, which then again, get misrepresented in the Zirakpur. It is an extraordinary encapsulation of modernization coinciding with nature's safeguarding. It is here that the trees and plants are to the extent that part of the development arranges as the edifices and the ways. India's initially arranged and combined city is a rich, prosperous, spic and compass, green city rightly called the heart of the city.

In Zirakpur Shopping Centers and Malls, you can Shop, eat and watch a film all under one top. What's more that is not whatever you can do in Zirakpur Shopping Malls as there are additionally eateries for the foodies, films for the film buffs, and loads of shopping can foresee the shopaholics. Look at a portion of the incredible Zirakpur Shopping Malls and Centers recorded beneath. 

What's astounding is that each one shopping center offers an uniquely extraordinary shopping knowledge, yet empowering you to find what you require. For an incredible shopping knowledge, you can set aside a few minutes for this famous retail establishment, overall adored for its various extend of men's and ladies' clothing, extras, tidying unquestionable requirements and home essentials. 

Excellence buffs, scramble toward the new Beauty, which offers a noteworthy reach incorporating much universal brands. Indeed clique names like Riva Fashion, Levis Signature, Numero Uno and Thomas Scott are spoken to at this mainstream retail retreat. For a touch of spoiling, head up to the recently started Gift brands, Entertainment marks and numerous more. an asylum of magnificence, hair and wellness administrations from the Big Bazaar. Men, too, will be reveled with devoted preparing medicines at the shopping center.

Revived and energized, you'll be prepared to proceed with your shopping spree in individual shopping centers. Aside from cherished stalwarts there are numerous others for children, for example, Liliput, Catmoss, Kap Kidz.  They've as of late ventures up their diversion with youthful neighborhood marks, for example, Funworld, Funtantra, Big Cinemas. Adjust off your buys with blessings and mementoes of your stay at these shopping centers, where you'll additionally find everything you have to make your house a home. Go on—ruin yourself and your friends and family! You'll uncover an abundance of style in Zirakpur. Stay tuned for considerably increasingly as there are numerous more shopping centers approaching to the following stages of its significant makeover and reveals new treats all around the area. 

This is my great trip and i never forget trip in our life. Zirakpur is upcoming , as like rocket . And I am sure about that after some time it is too famous and very costly area. 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Morning View greenery in Mona Townships

Mona Townships is always greens, all reds and all blues!!

Mona Townships in Zirakpur make the city more greener and a great place to stay. In fact Zirakpur is considered as Green for its lush greenery scattered around the whole city. The rows of green trees on the road side, well maintained green lawns and parks, beautiful green natural surroundings gave the city the title of Green Zirakpur. Also making it the greenest city of India, and a great place to spend holidays with nature.

You can spend your time here working, walking, jogging and spending time with your loved ones in the parks. It has been a favored place for green lovers and a haven for solitude lovers. Even today, when the whole city pulsates with the rhythms of modernity, you can easily find some serene sectors nestling under the amiable shades of Neem and Jamun. First the Mughals and then the British, fell in love with this princely state, Chandigarh and spend millions to beautify their territory. High quality malls still held their head high amidst lush green sectors that add to the wonderful landscape. Zirakpur with its gardens and green spaces, with its high levels of income and with its avenues for employment attracts nearby lakhs of persons by way of in-migration every year. This rapid growth of Zirakpur has resulted in enormous pressure on existing service infrastructure and a significant increase in all types of sectors.

Zirakpur is near the main city ‘Chandigarh’ which is the only city in India that serves as the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana, simultaneously. It is one of the union territories of India and derives its name from Chandir Mandir, a temple of Goddess Chandi, located in the nearby Panchkula district (Haryana). The word Chandigarh literally means “the fort of Chandi”. Chandigarh is the first well-planned city in India, which is well known across the globe for its splendid architecture and urban planning.

Zirakpur is considered as a better option as it is connected to various places and mainly connecting Chandigarh, Chandigarh- Patiala Highway, Chandigarh Delhi Highway, Kalka Shimla highway and many. Some of them are really very popular which has made Zirakpur a hot destination and is increasingly becoming most popular property place. The appearance of the city has seen a tremendous change from one of lush green fields to concrete jungles. However, the estate developers till now had been comforted a lot as their housing projects succeed to do well.

In fact, a research has been done on various builders in Zirakpur and other builders. Compared with other big cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and many, residential projects are developed and launched in Zirakpur every month. Demand for residential apartments in Zirakpur has increased a lot as the builders are constantly launching their projects at an affordable price.

A number of intensive protection and rehabilitation measures have been taken recently that makes for a cleaner and greener change in Zirakpur outlook. Zirakpur have actively participated in eco-care programmes including the anti-littering and anti-plastic bag campaigns, and as a fruit of their pains, Zirakpur today enjoys a true green look. Even school children have eschewed the fun of burning fire crackers on the event of Diwali, one of the most celebrated national festivals of India. Hundreds of plants are rooted everyday for a fresher breath.

Some of the serene pockets, as those nestling in Central and South Zirakpur, are so refreshing that a stay gives a real enchantment. So much so, you can even feel a sudden drop in temperature if you move through them. As a mandatory measure, every residential society is fringed with silent parks and lush manicured gardens, if possible. It makes for a nice place to jog in the morning and a playground for children who hems in here with their caretakers in the evening. Interestingly, some of the modern sectors around also flaunt of trees and fruit saplings, a government owned pleasure for enthusiastic Zirakpur.

Enjoy the charm of picking up raw mangoes and savoring them with a pinch of common salt. Wow, that tastes amazing! In a nutshell, the whole of Zirakpur has emerged as a green and clean park, where you can relax despite the cacophony of modernity.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Inspiring Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Family Room

A lot goes into creating a warm, cozy family room decorated for warm welcoming though impressive. It takes colors, textures, finishes, and as we’ll see, even the right smells according to the environment at home. We come up with impressive and practical decorating ideas for giving the guests as well as family members a feel of staying in a lovely place.

Decor put together for the room is breathtaking. It’s elegant, yet comfortable. It’s also the perfect comfy place for a family with little ones to create new memories. So it is required to decorate our home as much as possible and change it occasionally.

Decorating a family room is a challenging task, as it's often a room that needs to provide several functions for your family. And it's even trickier if you're working with a small space. Here are 5 decorating ideas for small family rooms to help them seem larger, and to help them function more effectively.

While you may not have a lot of floor space in your family room, if you're fortunate enough to have high ceilings, there's a lot of design potential. You can try building a wall of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. If you don't have the budget to go custom, you can get the look by simply anchoring a row of inexpensive white bookshelves to the wall. And if you're fortunate enough to have soaring high ceilings, building a loft can create an entire extra room. A loft space is perfect for use as an office or playroom.

Custom built-in mill work can create functional storage spaces out of the most awkward or underused nooks. This will give you the best look, the usage of this custom sofa/bookshelf above and also if there is a small window then you can transform it into a nook with the addition of two shelves.

Pulling your sofa out from the wall just a few inches will allow for a slender console table to slide in. A traditional console table will do the trick, but if you don't have enough depth, you can build your own with a piece of wood cut to size, mounted on several shelf brackets. Sofa tables are the perfect place for a pair of table lamps and a few family photos. As a bonus, you've just created a gap behind the sofa for storage - it's the perfect place to stash folding chairs or small shallow boxes.

A family room often has to double as an office or homework zone. If you're able to float your sofa in the middle of the room you can carve out a small work space behind it with a slender desk and chair. Just try not to get too distracted while working since you'll likely be facing the TV.

Keeping your furniture flooring and wall color in the same color family helps the eye to move continuously around the space without visual interruptions, creating the illusion of a larger room. The above examples demonstrate this well - but don't feel like beige or grey is the only way! As long as the major pieces in your room are similar in color and tone you'll create the illusion of a larger space. A few contrasting pieces like a colorful lamp or patterned pillow helps bring a little personality and life to a neutral room.
All these above mentioned ideas are useful only after implementing which will give you the best result and give a realistic look to your home. Those are just few ideas which are basic requirements in house. However, there are thousands of designs and ideas that may come in your mind after all the interior works are done.

People often go for furnished houses which are already equipped with all basic amenities accord to their ideas and designs which is worth but satisfaction comes when you have your ideas and designs implemented in your own house. It is like giving your home a new evergreen look. You change it occasionally whenever you need it.